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BOE Cardiovascular Disease Management Solution

Realize standardized and normalized preliminary diagnosis, follow-up and full life cycle management of chronic disease through intelligent IoT parameter detection equipment based on synchronous 12-lead ECG acquisition, blood pressure, blood lipid and blood glucose data as well as the information exchange between gateway transmission and primary medical care and specialized hospitals. Realize complete-process solution of "age-appropriate screening", "high-risk early warnings", "critical care rescue" and "rehabilitation follow-up" through ECG network control, "three-highs" high parameter threshold early warnings, cardiovascular event risk AI and intelligent medication reminders .

Solution Composition

  • Operation Mode

  • Terminal Products

    Core Values

  • Provide portable IoT monitoring tools for the follow-up visit of public health family doctors
  • Provide integrated intelligent chronic disease assistive decision-making system tools for cities and county regions
  • Assist governments in popularizing smart hardware and medication assistants for chronic disease management in families